Raising Innovators: 10 Entrepreneurs Your Child Should Know

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Even my three year old my son knows he want to own an ice cream shop when he grows up. I encourage him and listen to his ideas about running his own business, hiring a staff and ordering ice cream. Is your child interested in running a business? If so, here are 10 entrepreneurs your child should know because they exemplify determination and creativity.

Accidental Inventors

1. In the 1930′s, Noah McVicker and Joseph McVicker invented a clay-like substance to clean wallpaper. Twenty years later Play-Doh was tested in kindergartens and preschools. Play-Doh is a household name now comes in variety of colors. Even though the McVickers didn’t intend to create a toy, their creativity sparked a huge business that’s lasted for decades.

2. Another accidental inventor is Frank Epperson who invented the Popsicle. He left a stirring stick and some soda water outside overnight when the temperature dipped to below freezing. The next morning Epperson woke up to find his frozen soda that’s now a summertime favorite around the world. Teach your kids that when they make a mistake or misstep, explore it and see where it leads.

3. The Slinky was also created by accident when a U.S. Navy Engineer noticed that a spring that dropped appeared to walk across the floor. Richard James’ wife came up with the name Slinky.

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