#ASK R. Kelly On Twitter… Goes Terribly Wrong!

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r-kelly-01262011R. Kelly was promoting his new album, so he decided to take questions on twitter. They let him have it!!!!

(Parental Discretion)

“R. Kelly is taking questions?  I have one:  You sure you wanna do this, Robert?”

R kelly tweets

So his fans fired away!

Check out some of the tweets:

“Need to get my niece an Xmas present.  What are elementary-age girls into this year??”

“Were you ‘Trapped in the Closet’ because her parents came into the room?”

“How does it feel being banned from PTA meetings?”

“Why do you dress like a teenager?  Is it to . . . nevermind.”

“You getting your girl Playdough or the Barbie Dream house for Christmas?”

“R. Kelly, for $1,000,000:  Which of these things CAN’T you [pee] on?  1.)  Toilet.  2.)  Urinal.  3.)  14-year-old girls.”

“How long you gonna act like you still 25 years old?”  (He turns 47 next month.)

“What’s your favorite bedtime story to read a date?”

“Do you use flash cards to show what sexual positions you want to do?”

“What was your social media manager thinking?”

“On a scale of Blue Ivy to Willow Smith what’s the oldest female you would date?”

R. Kelly was only able to answer 16 “real” questions before he decided to shut it down.  That prompted this awesome Tweet:  Quote, “So, R. Kelly only answered 16 questions . . . he really can’t do ANYTHING over 18.”

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