OMG!! Rae Dawn Chong Had The Nerve To Call Oprah The “N” Word

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We all remember one of the best lines in 1985 movie The Color Purple, when Rae Dawn Chong said “Harpo who dis women.” It was a huge breakthrough moment for Oprah Winfrey. Twenty-eight years later Rae Dawn Chong has a few words to say about her co-star and she should have kept it to herself.

Chong started off by saying she got along with Oprah during the filming of “The Color Purple” but now that has changed. Obviously has it in for Oprah. In a recent interview Chong said Oprah turned on her when she got the gig to star with Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Commando”.

She said Oprah is competitve, called her the “B” word and said, “If you look at the way Oprah looks, she looks like, 60  years ago she would have been a house keeper luckily. …..she would have been a field N-word.”

Chong also said Oprah is a great “brownnoser.”

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