En Vogue Engages In Twitter Beef…Again

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There is serious trouble in the land of the Funky Divas. En Vogue member Maxine Jones slammed group members Terry Ellis and Cindy Herroncalling them evil and said they were drunk with power.

We reported the news of En Vogue splitting for the millionth time last month. Initially, Dawn Robinson told her Twitter followers she was leaving the group and starting a new version of En Vogue with Maxine Jones. Jones remained fairly quiet as the other members, terry and Cindy, responded to Dawn’s announcement in a letter to fans on Facebook. Now, Maxine is entering the fracas with some harsh words on Twitter.


Maxine called Cindy and Terry arrogant b***hes and said they were drunk with power. Maxine was inspired to take her frustrations to the social networking site after she found out Cindy and Terry had taken over the group’s trademarked name and bank account. Maxine then alleged she was forced to leave the group. However, if you are mad you didn’t catch the beef on Twitter (tweets are below), don’t worry. Maxine and Dawn caught the whole thing on camera for their potential reality show.

This beef is ridiculous because En Vogue is a group of women in their forties and fifties. They should not be arguing like they are middle school aged girls. If they don’t want to sing together, they should try solo careers. That’s right, nobody wanted to hear them sing without the others. my suggestion is they either break up and neither factgion tours as En Vogue or they work it out with the original members and get the job done. Just make a decision.








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