Great activities that you can do with your family this holiday. Enjoy!

July 4th Family Fun Activities

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Oh how I love the summer! I especially love the 4th of July! It’s that special holiday that we all get out our American flags, fire up the grill, watch fireworks and most importantly spend time with family. You know I always write about spending time with family, but we have to take advantage of moments like these because we can never go back. So why not enjoy, have fun and get creative!

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I put together a list of great activities that you can do with your family this holiday. Enjoy!

1.  Plan a picnic – July 4th is the perfect time to plan a picnic. Find a great blanket, pack some food and drinks and plan to lay out, eat, laugh and watch some great fireworks.

2. Learn the history – You will be surprised how many kids and even adults don’t know why we celebrate the 4th of July. Take this time brush up on some history and teach your children at the same time.  Here is a great link to get you started,

3. Make American Flags – This might be an activity you would think would be mostly for younger children but I think you will be surprised as I think kids of all ages will enjoy it.  Also, while doing this activity you can talk about the history of the American Flag. Here is a great craft site for making American flags, The Craft Classroom.

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