Police launch hunt for father who put toddler inside industrial Washer

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Police have identified the New Jersey laundromat where a father put his toddler inside an industrial dryer which locked and turned on automatically.

The May 11 incident occurred at a Camden, NJ laundromat, and the entire shocking episode was caught on surveillance cameras. The video was uploaded to YouTube where it garnered millions of hits.

Authorities are asking the public to assist them in finding the man and the child’s mother who stood by and watched as he placed the toddler inside the machine.

Police say there appears to be no criminal intent, but they notified child protective services of the case.

The video shows the child, about age 2, peering inside a washer as his parents load clothes into another washer nearby.

The man picked up the boy and placed him inside the machine. He then closed the door, then watched in horror as the door locked and the machine turned on automatically.

The parents, who appear to be foreign, are seen tugging at the door frantically as the child spins inside the machine.









As the parents’ terror intensifies, a woman walks over with her kids holding a white towel. A maintenance man approaches and then walks away, doing nothing to help the frightened parents.

Another quick thinking employee unplugged the machine and pulled the child to safety. After the parents determined the child was uninjured, they fled the laundromat.

“I was scared the kid would die,” the hero employee told FOX 29 TV affiliate. “When I pulled him out and saw he was alive, I was very happy.”

The baby was likely psychologically traumatized, and he will probably have an intense fear of washing machines for the rest of his life.



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