Should You Have Sex on the First Date?

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1)      Because you don’t know a thing about this Woman

A Song once told you to “Never trust a big butt and a smile.”  Well,  too many brothers are quick to think that a beautiful woman can do no wrong.  Before you know it, you find out that she’s crazy, vindictive, diseased or something worse.  Taking time to get to know a person before you risk sharing your fate with them might be the first critical step in Survival 101.

2)   Protecting  your seed

The sex organs given to you are not just there to give and receive pleasure.   Actually, the power of sex is built on the idea of creating life.  So, if you are not prepared to spend your life raising a child with the person in front of you, you might not want to share your valuable baby making organs with that person.  Sure, you can wear condoms and all that, but remember that most babies are created by accident.

3)      Child support she got you for 18 yrs

Over the course of 18 years,  giving away a big chunk of your check to take care of  child. That you have no say so in where the money was going.   Unfortunately, too many brothers end up either broke or in jail over child support problems, after spending their twenties populating half the earth. You might feel like you’re “tha man” when all the women are coming after you, but you won’t feel like the man anymore when it’s time to pay (use former NFL superstar Terrell Owens as a great example).

4)      It could end up killing you

It’s one thing to die from HIV after getting it through a blood transfusion or from someone you love.  It’s another thing to get it from the person with whom you had the drunken one-night stand.Getting  HIV is never fun, there are some situations that are clearly avoidable, and sleeping with someone you don’t know means you may be taking on a lifetime of baggage without even looking inside the suitcase.  If you don’t know anything about the person in front of you, then you should not be having sex with them.

 5)      What may not kill you

For some reason, the panic over HIV has led a lot of people to forget that there are other STDs that won’t kill you (at least not right away).  While the HIV epidemic has gotten most of the headlines, there has been a number of people catching HPV, Herpes, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis, and other diseases that go “bump” on your sex organs.   While any kind of sexual activity can put you at risk (even in a marriage), your risk declines a great deal if you are selective in who you sleep with.

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