Whitney Houston’s Former Sister-In-Law: “Whitney’s Death Was No Surprise!”

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Monique Houston is tired of keeping silent about the death of her former sister-in-law Whitney Houston.

Monique tried to speak out about the hardships Whitney Houston was facing following her divorce from Whitney’s brother Gary. Though Gary and Monique share two children, the Houston family cut Monique off. After remaining silent for a while, Monique Houston spoke to Ebony.com about Whitney Houston’s relatives enabling her destructive behavior and hopes to steer Bobbi Kristina from the same fate. Here’s a sneak peek.

EBONY: Why do you want to talk now?

Monique Houston: If it’s not now, when? I just really had to speak out about the cycle that has gone on for a number of years. Now is the time for me really to take this situation and speak about it. So that’s where I’m at now. I’ve really tried to shield my children. They’ve dealt with a lot over the years and I really try to shield them from a lot of negativity that would come their way, but now that they are adults and they’re as healthy as they can be under the circumstances, I think they’re prepared for what’s ahead and some of the realities.

EBONY: It sounds like you really weren’t all that shocked at how things unfortunately ended for your former sister-in-law, is that correct?

MH: No, I wasn’t shocked. I was caught off guard. You know, we all prayed that she would recover and …recovery with a drug addict is an ongoing process. But she just was so healthy and beautiful from the press that came out of Sparkle, that it just totally caught me off guard. I really was sitting back and looking forward to the movie actually coming out and what would happen for her with that. So I was really caught off guard, but unfortunately, I wasn’t surprised.

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